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Created out of necessity.

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Our mission:

We focus on creating the healthiest and best tasting snacks you can trust with nutrient dense superfoods to fuel your life. 

Why fix fuel?

Founded by Joseph D'Alfonso in 2019, Fix Fuel is the answer to the question: Do we have to sacrifice flavour for fuel?


I have been playing professional golf since 2008 and have consumed many different types of snacks, constantly searching for the best fuel. My body and mind needed something nutritious, energizing, and of course great tasting to keep me fueled for many hours on the golf course. I realized most snacks claiming to be healthy weren't actually healthy and didn't even taste good.


Performing at my peak with the right fuel is extremely important to play and feel my best, so in April 2017 in my home kitchen I decided to create my own fuel. Just over two years later and many hours perfecting consistency and taste, I decided to share it with the world. I wanted something great tasting with all natural plant based ingredients that could be eaten any time, any day.

And so, Fix Fuel began.


Joseph D'Alfonso

FIX FUEL Founder

PGA of Canada

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Sunset SUP Couple

Good for you + Good for the planet

We crafted Fix Fuel for athletes and active people who care about every ingredient that fuels their bodies. FIX FUEL uses only plant-based superfood ingredients that boosts performance + mental well being. We believe in plant-based foods that taste great and help the sustainability of our planet.

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Real goodness.

Fix Fuel’s story began with a love of sports, some family recipes, and an innate drive to help others through education and healthy food. It started as a necessity to fuel a professional golfer's career, and quickly became a staple for athletes and active people alike. Joseph created healthy, plant based superfood fuel for all sorts of lifestyles – the busy parent on the go grabbing a quick easy breakfast, the student needing food to help them stay alert and focused, the teenage hockey player to sharpen their game, the hiker, the runner, the surfer, the cyclist, the tennis player, the snowboarder, the soccer player, or any physical activity that requires strength and endurance. Our fuel is also perfect with a cup of coffee in the morning or any other time of the day. Fix Fuel has no preservatives, no fillers, and nothing artificial. It is made with the highest quality nutrient dense superfood ingredients.

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