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Frequently asked questions

WHAT MAKES FIX FUEL DIFFERENT? Our fuel is made with all natural plant-based superfoods that contain essential nutrients and amino acids needed to fuel a healthy active lifestyle. We don't use protein derived from dairy, corn syrups or any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Our Superfood snacks are real-food fuel, boosted with all natural ingredients!

CAN I EAT FIX FUEL MUFFINS WITH A DAIRY OR NUT ALLERGY? All Fix Fuel Superfood muffins are dairy free. However, they do contain a mixture of walnuts, and/or coconuts so please read the ingredient label carefully if you have nut allergies.

DO FIX FUEL MUFFINS CONTAIN GLUTEN? We use organic whole ground spelt flour which contains gluten. The gluten however is different from what is typically seen in wheat or wheat-related ingredients. The gluten found in most wheat is chewy or like glue versus the type found in spelt that is brittle and soluble. Organic whole ground spelt has Omega 3 & 6 nutrients and even though spelt contains gluten, it is much easier to digest.

DOES FIX FUEL HAVE GLUTEN FREE OPTIONS? Yes, our Cinnamon Date and Peanut Butter Superfood Bars are gluten free. They are made with all natural, plant-based, superfood ingredients. No preservatives, no fillers, no artificial anything.

WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO EAT FIX FUEL? Fix Fuel superfood snacks are perfect in the morning, as a pre or post workout snack, to hold you over between meals, mid-day, or as a good source of natural energy and protein any time you need a tasty boost.

ARE FIX FUEL SUPERFOOD SNACKS VEGAN? Yes! All Fix Fuel Superfood snacks are 100% vegan.

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